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LabCorp & Quest Diagnostics Hacked! 20 Million Americans Breached!

LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics provide a large percentage of the nations blood testing and drug screenings for employer based health plans.  20 Million people that use these two companies had their information compromised!


143 Million Americans Breached!


Equifax announced the catastrophic data breach of 143 million identities.  Please take note of two very important things:

1. Since children do not have credit records, this number represents almost every adult in the United States.

2.  This very serious data breach included: driver's licenses, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, & email addresses.  The use of this information will likely never show on your credit record, and could have an extremely serious impact on you including: unwarranted criminal records/arrest, an undeserved bill from the IRS, a medical fraud, etc. 


U.S. State Dept. Senior Antiterrorism Advisor: Free Credit Monitoring is like "using an eyedropper to put out a forest fire"!

In the wake of the Equifax breach, CNBC interviewed U.S. State Department Senior Antiterrorism Advisor Morgan Wright about the seriousness of this breach.  He recommended IDShield as the service he uses for comprehensive identity theft protection!  


"I am you!" Listen to an ID Thief call his victim!

CBS News investigator Anna Werner interviews a victim who had the ID Thief call his cell phone!